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******* LATEST NEWS *******

Our 30 Year Anniversary Album Is Out Now!

We are taking this opportunity to say 'Thank You" to our families; our followers; our agents; the festival organizers; our industry and muso friends; the venues; print; media & radio presenters; and the unseen,
we appreciate your support spanning 3 decades!

We dedicate this brand new double album to all the players to date,
who have served time in The Leaping Lizards.

With a special thank you to our producer Michael Fix, who did a phenomenal job remixing & remastering this project.



See our Gig guide for dates & times.

We are gearing up fro another successful festival in Tamworth Jan 2015!
We had a number to appearances around town last year, predominately at our favourite pub - Joe Maguire's Hotel.
Here are some pics from the 2014 Golden Fiddle Awards held annually in the Tamworth Town Hall. Congratulations to all the winners, it a great event and one of the highlights of our year.

We did however have a slight problem (again) with our aged Green Lizard Limo - the Voyager last year! This car has been absolutely reliable....until we have some important engagement on... I'm recalling the Qld Music Awards (a must read story further below!) 
Well, it rocked us into town as the it's thermometer reading changed from 39 to 40 deg, windows down...its air-conditioning system was spitting out sporadic bursts of seductively cold air in strange places...under the dash mat, behind the seats, at the bottom of the doors....yeah really handy that was! 
All good however, it had gotten us to Tamworth after all. 
Fast forward to Sunday morning.
We thought we'd get up nice and early, head into Peel St to do the traditional thing of vandalizing Tamworth with our gig posters. Start her up...yay!..always a good sign...put her into go forward!  Reverse is good however, except that our accommodation billet is 8km out of town!
We did actually consider reversing into town...momentarily, but after a robust debate followed by much pointing in the direction of town, accompanied by severe head shaking, the council of Lizard elders (Ronnie & I) decided against this solution.  The reversing into town was not the problem, nor the reverse navigation through roundabouts and road blocks in heavy traffic, but exactly how does one park - in order to get out again....with only one gear?? 
Have you heard of 'the light bulb moment?" ...we had one!  We remembered that we had roadside assistance with RACQ...Ultimate I think it's called, covers you for everything...WE'RE SAVED! 
A panicked search for the card, while beads of sweat formed on Ronnie's forehead....proved that I had actually paid the bill :) the local RACQ guy, he comes out, and after a short inspection says 'She f***** good mate"  So after another hour or so, we wave good by to the driver of the tilt tray and our only means of transport.  
Bloody hell what do we do now?...Ah! RACQ for our hire car benefits!  We're saved! 
So I call up Jessica, explaining that its gotta go to the car doctor. Yes, she says, we DO get hire card benefits with this cover...Yay!  We're saved!
So off she goes to arrange our rescue.  She calls back a short time later and very apologetically states that due to the unusually busy time of the year...there are no hire cars available for 500km of Tamworth!  Yikes...  A few hours had vanished by this time... we had to be on stage in one hour the center of town at Fanzone!  What to do?? 
Ah...Facebook!  We posted pictures of our Green Lizard Limo being skull dragged onto the truck, accompanied by a description of our plight.  Within moments, local media lady Anna Rose had gotten wind of it, and begun a 'Save the Lizards" campaign.
Amazingly, within half an hour we (& all our gear) had been picked up...we were driven to a local car dealer Kensell Holden (by Anna), greeted by Rene Bonomo (...on his day off!  It's Sunday remember), presented with a car...full of fuel...Rene said to us: "here guys, we heard about your car, this is a trade that just came in, take it, its yours for the week, sorry we haven't had time to wash it for you, just bring it back when you're finished with it!"  We're saved!
We did a lightening dash and made it to our gig on time, followed by a radio interview on Festival FM where our ordeal was retold...moment by on air!...(And at every single other gig we did for the whole festival)  We were just so grateful and humbled...good things happen when good good things! 
AND the air-conditioner worked...We're saved! 
Ronnie & I like to go to Starmaker each year, its just a lovely event to chill out at, anyway we introduced ourselves to the folks either side of us, the bloke on my side's immediate reaction was "Oh'd you get on with your car?" The lady on the other side had heard about it too and ended up being someone we knew from 30 years ago - Robyn "The Flasher" from Victoria (photographer not streaker). Its funny how things turn out. 
One little good deed bought such relief to us, and made so many people laugh & think good thoughts about Tamworth's Kensell Holden. It restored belief that there ARE really good people in the world!
I think we visited Kensell Holden nearly every day, we met owner Scott Kensell (who approved the rescue mission) and fitted him out with a Leaping Lizard T Shirts and loaded him up with stubbie holders and CDs. 
Then a few nights later we were giving moral support to our good mates Murphy's Pigs, at Joe Maguire's Pub (while setting a good example of how tossing down Joe Maguire's refreshments...enhances one's enjoyment of Irish & Australiana music). When by chance Johnno from Armidale, a guy who comes to our gigs each year, after luring me up onto the dance floor, introduced me to his mate...who was none other than Ian Kensell...the retired grand daddy of Kensell Holden who said 'Oh ...very pleased to meet you, I read all about you in the paper...good son that Scott is! 
Well we couldn't have hoped for better wheels...we'd been given the old PCYC car which had been traded the previous day.  We were waved through 3 speed traps, 1 RBT, and countless police officers smiled and waved to us all week...everywhere we went...we felt like royalty! 
Sadly our Lizard Limo's transmission termination turned into a money pit and was transported home...(courtesy of RACQ) for further contemplation of either repairing or stripping. 
The happy ending is that we actually bought the PCYC car! It got us home without a hiccup, drives beautifully and we  still have it for Tamworth next year! 
We did get a call from Kensells Holden yesterday however ...the NSW Police have requested we remove the signage!



Another year gone, last gig in the book done!  We've worked hard and achieved many milestones this year.......our bucket list is getting shorter!  A very sincere thank you to everyone out there who plays our music on the radio, listens to it , buys our CD's and comes to our gigs.....your support and interest  sustains us on many levels. Thank you very much......... have a wonderful and safe Christmas.



( Mt Nimmel Pirates Ball)


Shedding My Skin our title track, is gaining  traction since its release to radio, showing its new colours and radio are saying.....YES WE LIKE IT!  Thanks to all the presenters for downloading it for airplay on your shows.  Thank you very much!!
See the charts here:



The Queensland Music Awards were held a couple of weeks ago, we were finalists in the 'world music' category. The Voyager, which is our band vehicle, had broken down, and after last minute repair attempts failed, Ronnie's iconic old red Toyota van was called into service once more.....she is as old as the band - 27 years! The old girl was retired as a band vehicle a few years ago and designated to farm duties. We eventually found the back seats stuffed (carefully placed Ronnie tells me) behind the house under a pile of other horded junk (useful someday apparently) and a few snake skins and mud nests. We cleaned them up and scoured through jars of dusty bolts and washers to attach them to the floor with....then the search was on for the seatbelts! They were found hanging (in a 'safe place') several hours later. Oh & then the rush to feed the chooks & ducks then rug & feed the horses, get dressed, makeup. Oh for a casual cocktail preparation one imagines you might have before heading off to a State Awards night. It was a peak hour breeze travelling to Brisbane though, so breezy you could see the bitumen though the holes in the floor and we had to yell at each other to be heard over the motor (and only three of our seven 'guests' got gassed by the fumes being sucked up through perished seal in the back door). Our sound guy Tom Hawker and producer Michael Fix were all ready to roll, dressed in their best (we hadn't told them about 'the car') but I managed to lure them on board with my 'classy' 4L box of red wine while passing them a towel to sit hind sight I probably should have also provided ear plugs and a gas mask....I'll be better prepared next time...! Well we were certainly a sight rocking up at the awards amongst the limos and stretch hummers - true Lizards style it was, you all would have been proud of us! We didn't have a win this time, but we sure did have a good time, AND the box came home with only a few drops to spare. I'm sure if everyone present had the choice they would all be more than happy to never do it like that again EVER!

To see other the three other finalists in their category go here:

This is the third State Award this year the Lizards have qualified for, earlier this year the Lizards won 'Best National Band'  at the  Victorian Country Music Awards, followed by two finalist positions in the Queensland Country Music Awards.  They are humbled and grateful to be recognised and included in these comprehensive all genre music awards, where the best music in Queensland is represented.  Winners will be announced on Awards Night, Tuesday 16th of August at The Old Brisbane MuseumCome and support the band, get your tickets here :
You can hear Crawling From the Wreckage on the player below.

Here is the much awaited for release of the title track.  This is the 4th radio single off the album, which has attracted a lot of airlay, a lot of awards and a lot of attention to this point. 
This track, written by Donna Reynolds (Bass) and Ron Dimmick  (Guitar, Banjo & Mandolin) just 3 days before their recording deadline, pretty much sums up how a little attitude adjustment can pull a lifetime band out of obscurity and plant them firmly back in the Australiana contemporary acoustic music spotight

Shedding My Skin Album (comments from WJO Distribution)
"This album would have to be described as a definitive point in their career. 
They play
a mix of original acoustic music along with rootsy traditional heritage pieces. 
They are passionate about keeping Australiana music alive, and presenting it in a way that has wide appeal for a whole new generation. After an already substantial career, they really did 'Shed Their Skin' to find their place in the modern music landscape"

"The masterful skill of fellow instrumentaist and award winning producer, Michael Fix, shines through. 
In various combinations, they've all written or contributed to nine of the eleven tracks, and presented fresh arrangments to a couple of much loved heritage pieces.   A beautiful ballad from acclaimed Australian songwriter Graeme Connors and Mike Kerin is also included, which the band has performed live for many years."


Please email for details

The Leaping Lizards at the Zamia Theatre Mt Tamborine Mar 2011
Photo by Lance
08/048/4/2011 Double finaists 2011 Qld Country Music Awards & Rebel Yelp Songwriting comp. After many years rolling with the punches, the Leaping Lizards are on a new roll & its not a bread one! They have made the finals in the Queensland Country Music Awards for Qld recording artists, in two sections, Best Group with their tital track Shedding My Skin writen by Donna & Ron, and Instrumental with Crawling From The Wreckage (also written by Donna & Ron). Both tracks are off their new album. Crawling From The Wreckage made the 10 ten in Dec 2010, at the Australian Songwriters Awards (non genre instrumental section) and another track off their album, Beauty & the Bush written by Donna, recently made the finalist list in the Rebel Yelp Songwriting comp for protest songs. Go Lizards!! The awards are hosted by the Charters Towers Country Music Festival and winners will be announced on Saturday the 30th of April.


14/2/2011 Hosted by the Whittlesea Country Music Festival the Victorian Country Music Awards have honoured The Leaping Lizards with the Best Group of the Year Award.  Their new album Shedding My Skin has recieved generous airplay in Victoria since its release in December and its success continues to snowball into what is turning out to be a great year for the Lizards!


20/1/2011 The Leaping Lizards have just taken out the top award at the 2011 Golden Fiddle awards by being honoured for more than a quarter century of dedication to Australia's Heritage Roots Music and supporting the careers of numerous fiddle players who have passed through in their band, with the prestigious Golden Fiddle Lifetime Achievment Award.  Full story :



4/1/11 It has just been announced that The Leaping Lizards have been named finalists for their new CD
Shedding My Skin, in the following three categories:
Best Band, Best CD & Best Composition.  The awards take place in the Tamworth Town Hall on the 20th of Jan 2011 9a


17/11/10  The Leaping Lizards have completed recording their brand new album "Shedding My Skin" produced in conjunction with Michael Fix at his studio in Brisbane  The album contains a swag of  originals written by the band. Daniel Fournier of CPARIS mastering, has done a great job and the whole project is currently getting pressed and printed. For an invitation contact us or sign up to our newsletter.



1/12/10 We're delighted to learn our latest single Lorelleveous has been nominated as an Instrumental Finalist in the inaugural "Blue Shoe Awards" to be held at the Beachcomber Hotel, Toukley on the 15th of Dec . Its the track you're listening to now or you can watch us perform it live (below) taken from a support gig we did with John Schumann (Redgum/Only 19) earlier this year. You get to vote for winners
here ( for us!! )


13/12/10 Just announced......we are finalists in Group & Instrumental categroies! Here's the link:

INSTRUMENTAL - Crawling From The Wreckage

12/11/10  Double Finalists!! We attended the Australian Songwriting Awards last night in Sydney...........great night!  Crawling From the Wreckage made the TOP TEN and Lorellevous made the top 25, we are very pleased with that result!



Live @ The Golden Fiddle Awards

Watch The Leaping Lizards

Leaping Lizards - Live - Instrumental - Lorelleveious Last year we did a support for legendary iconic Australian, John Schumann (Redgum/I Was Only 19), here is some footage form one of those shows. Liam does a great job on the fiddle here, Hugh took over from him in 2011 8.13 MB
Leaping Lizards Live - Song - From Clare To Here We recorded this Ralph McTell song on our 2nd last album, here is a live version Pete doing a great job on it, it was one of his last gigs with us. 9.24 MB



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